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We at Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight (International) have always offered a Video, Phone or Office Consultation. We see people in the Late Afternoon and Evenings until Midnight

One of the areas we specialize in is Online Therapy and have practiced for over 25 years, long before the current trend in Telemedicine brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Telementalhealth allows us to make Virtual House Calls, like a modern version of days long gone when Doctors brought their medical bags to your House to provide medical care. Online Therapy is more convenient, flexible and stress-free than office therapy. It is less expensive and time consuming. No Driving, No Parking and No Waiting. It is safe, private, secure and encrypted.

Dr. John Silver

“Know Thyself” …Socrates

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Our hours are by appointment from late afternoon until Midnight, Pacific Time.

You Choose 

It’s your choice to be in traditional counseling or online therapy.  Learn about the Differences between Online Therapy and Office Counseling.

Help for All

We provide psychological Services for Adult Individuals and for all Relationships.


Privacy and confidentiality laws are strictly enforced to protect you. We have HIPAA Compliant Online Offices at Doxy.Me/DrJohnSilver.

Dr. John Silver


Helping People, One Session at a Time

Dr. John Silver’s long standing service in the field of psychotherapy is matched by his reputation of clinical effectiveness, as he has helped thousands of people, one session at a time. He is board certified and credentialed by numerous organizations.  

Certified Online Therapist for over 25 years.
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Offices in Los Angeles and Virtually World Wide

We have helped Hundreds of people locally, here in Los Angeles and many cities across the United States. We have also helped people Internationally in locations as diverse as England, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Canada, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Greek Islands, Guatemala and Mexico.

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"Dr. Silver is a recognized leader in psychotherapy, having been one of the first online therapy businesses in the nation. He is considered a pioneer in telemental health. I have referred clients to him, and have received feedback on how he has helped them get "unstuck" from self defeating behaviors.
“What can I say about Dr.John Silver…… Well only that he is the BEST hands down!!!! I came to him well over 20 years ago, a fragile, messed up young adult in need of some serious therapy, and that's just what I got. He’s a smart, caring, professional, that truly knows his stuff & in my opinion saved my life. Without his help and guidance I don't know where I would be. Thank You Dr. John from the bottom of my heart.”
Rory F.
”From personal experience, Dr. Silver is an excellent therapist and a truly caring person who is always there for you. If you check out his website you will have no doubt as to his qualifications. He has helped me more than words can express, and with all my heart , I highly recommend him.”
Caroline W.
"Also, I want to tell you how helpful your comments to me about how I've been interpreting other people's behavior. It has really made a difference. This week I noticed feeling happy and not just an absence of unhappiness."
Michael O,

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